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Flat slide carbs???

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  • Flat slide carbs???

    I've been planning out a performance 1st gen in my "dream garage" parked right next to my daily rider 1st gen.

    Obviously the usual mods I plan on, (timing advance, head gasket, ported intakes ect.) but I'm also considering installing some big (probably 40-44mm) flat-slide carbs.
    Has anyone heard of this being done on a 1st gen, I searched the forum to no luck. It would definitely require some work, knowledge and a really good tune.
    However, I think its possible to squeeze 150hp+ to the wheel with enough patience and all the go fast parts I could get my hands on.

    any thoughts?

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    Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm………… 40mm maybe THE biggest you could go. I ran 39 Keihins on the GSXR 1350 air/oil cooled. Those were huge and had limitless jetting possibilities. You could talk to engine builders about sizes or even jetting possibilities. To get to the magic 150 number, you may need to look into cams as well. (to handle more fuel and air) I read here somewhere, someone was doing cams from an R1. Maybe my memory is wrong and that was a Gen 2?
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