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  • wotnnc
    Chain lube is not good for hoses. I replaced the ones on my 04 down there because the PO was a chain lube fanatic. I wrapped the new ones in aluminum foil to hopefully keep lube coming off the chain, from making contact.
    My advice it to bite the bullet and place the order.

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  • isleoman
    started a topic Wasn't Stranded

    Wasn't Stranded

    Yesterday did an 8 hour tour with the wife to western Ma. Everything was fine.

    This morning getting ready for another ride, lube the chain, check the oil, warm up the bike and there's a puddle forming near the center stand. Do the smell test and it's Dexcool.

    Whip off the shifter cover and quickly determine that the hose clamp has eaten through the large lower radiator hose.

    The metal collar on the engine is quite long maybe 3.5" to where it's got a raised lip on the end of it. I knew the hose needs to be replaced but wanted to get a ride in today. So I slid the hose clamp back towards the lip and re-clamped it. Everything's dry. Do a quick run for gas, everything's still dry so grab the wife and off we go.

    Get 60 miles from home and needed to make a phone call so we jump off and did a quick check of the hose and you guessed it.... It's leaking quite a bit again.

    What to do? Didn't want to have to arrange for a family member to come collect us, so I headed home on the bike with my eye focused on the water temp light. It seemed like it only started leaking at slow speeds and stops at traffic lights.

    We made it home. So trimmed back the hose some more, re-clamped it and it's still dry so will give it another try and see if I can't finally get stranded today.

    Geeze they want $40 for that hose and there's nothing used on the Bay.