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  • Igniter/ECU

    Today when I went to start my 2002 FZ1 I hit the starter button and the Igniter/ECU made a buzzing ticking sound. The battery is fully charged. I see a replacement costs around $600! Ouch! Is the unit shot or can anything be done to repair it? Can I be sure that replacing the unit will solve my problem? Thanks in advance!

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    I'm wondering if the clicking/buzzing sound is coming from something other than the igniter/ecu? A relay possibly. Does the igniter/ecu make a clicking/buzzing sound when they go?


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      So that clicking and buzzing definitely sounds like a battery issue still.

      Just because your battery has over 12 volts, doesn't mean its in good condition. The battery can have many issues and dip down to low voltage under load.
      A dealership or parts store should be able to to load test the battery and let you know its condition. If you don't want to go through that effort, I would try a reliable battery or use you car battery to try jumping it (MAKE SURE THE CAR IS NOT RUNNING, YOU WILL HURT YOUR BIKE!!!)

      If the battery is tested and healthy, or the jump didn't work. I would check all your battery connections, and the leads to the starter relay.


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        You can check your battery with a volt meter. Push the starter button and observe the voltage. If it drops much below 10.5v you've got a problem.
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