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  • Kudos to Sargent

    I've had a Sargent seat on my 02' FZ1 for over well over ten years. Recently I've noticed it sits different. Like I'm sliding forward, and I'm thinking how can this be? I looked under the seat at the pan, and couldn't see anything unusual. I later looked again, but closer, and noticed the forward most rubber bumper/supports that rest on the sub frame closest to the fuel tank, had cracking around them in the seat's hard to see. This is the older carbon fx looking seat pan. I contacted Sargent, and they said they've had problems with that material as it gets older and brittle, and now use a different vendor. They're sending me a new seat at no charge. I just had to ship the old one out to them of course.

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    I do credit Sargent for standing behind an inherent defect. There are a number of threads about this subject. Hopefully this will be the last replacement you ever need. They change the materials for the seat pan from the carbon look material to a non carbon look material. I had one of each fail.

    I went through two replacements in relatively short order. Final solution was marrying a Sargent Seat cover and foam to an OEM FZ1 seat pan. Heavier by a little bit, but bomb proof.

    I'm sure they would have provided me a third replacement had I contacted them. But I was still having to pay the shipping to get the seat to Sargent. They paid return shipping. PS I'm about 205lbs with gear.

    I was guilty of being a good Samaritan on the first failure. I saw a guy near a river loose his kayak and I asked him if he wanted a ride down river to recover it. When he got up to the road I realized he was 6'-6" and must have weighed 270. I heard the rubber baby buggy bumpers fail as he climbed on. The second one failed without the help of a NFL lineman.


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      Hmmm, I figured others had failures as well. But I haven't kept up with the discussion on it. Yeah, hopefully this one will last a while. I'm about 185lbs with gear.
      I recently purchased a Sargent for my newer bike...they had me ship the OEM seat in, and used it's seat pan with their foam and cover.


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        I went out and checked mine, sure enough, they have cracked and are failing. I'll contact Sargent.
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          Well, guess i'll get in contact with them as well.
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            I've been out the loop for a while now. Thanks for posting up, I know I've got the faux cf pan on mine.
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              When I bought Ed's bike from him with 90k miles on it, I also had a cracked seat pan. All I had to provide was Ed's name as the original purchaser and they gave me a new seat.

              Edit: the seat was over 10 years old at the time.


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                Awesome, I love when I hear about companies taking care of their customers.


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                  Reviving this thread. The Sargent seat on my 2005 FZ1 also suffered the cracked seat pan around the front rubber bumpers. I called Sargent and they said to send it in.

                  10 days later the FedEx guy dropped a big white box on my porch. I opened the box to find a BRAND NEW seat. The broken seat had more than160,000 miles on it with 2 FZ1's (crashed the first one with a deer strike).

                  Amazing customer service!