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  • Motorcycle road finder

    I'm not sure this has been posted before but I thought it might come in handy.

    I came across it over on wrist twisters. Thanks guys!

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    I'll add the following to your list:

    The following three all have national coverage -

    and the following is Northern Arkansas and Southern Missouri -

    and the following is for Colorado -
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      Keep em coming


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        Any sites for Canadian road? More specifically, British Columbia?


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          GOOD roads in northern western new york?

          oh, wait a minute, there arent any!

          must be why i go to the southerntier to ride.
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            HERE are some BC roads.
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              WOW you guy's are quick! thanks for the help with this.

              I was specifically looking for a site where I could type in a start and end address and have the secondary roads mapped out like one can do on google or yahoo driving directions.
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                Has anyone here tried for planning their rides? It's a fairly new site which uses Google's mapping functions to create routes. I just signed up (as ChipsAhoy) and posted a ride I did a few weekends ago. It looks promising.
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                  The A422 from Buckingham to Stratford-on Avon is rather jolly!



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                    Here's the one I use most.
                    Just for you.
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                      Thanks Ed


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                        Thanks for the info, I've been looking for some better sites like these.

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                          Anything in Europe? (without speeding camera's )
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                            Zorg, how fast are you allowed to go in your part of Europe?
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                              Originally posted by philzer
                              Zorg, how fast are you allowed to go in your part of Europe?
                              I live in Belgium and we're allowed to go:

                              on highways = 120 km/h
                              in town = 50 km/h
                              in town near schools = 30 km/h
                              B roads (I think you guys call them that way) where noting is indicated = 90 km/h
                              And a lot of B roads are indicated with 70 km/h

                              A lot of speeding camera's, and cops with speedguns. And not very much nice roads, exept in the Ardens.
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