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Thanks to Regder & KJM

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  • Thanks to Regder & KJM

    Two very nice transactions with Edgar and Kevin.

    Edgar (REGDER) replied to a question on a Graves Fender Eliminator on the board, and ended up selling a new/never used FE at a nice price. That arrived today...thanks Edgar.

    And then got a deal from Kevin (KJM) on some spare Proton500 signals.

    Both transactions went great. Thanks fellas.

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    Thanks bud. Been a pleasure dealing with you over the years! Glad they showed up alright, saw this thread and it reminded me I completely forgot to send you tracking.

    I'll second Edgar, my bike rides much nicer because of a shock deal I got from him a bit ago.


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      This is what makes this place special. People helping people. Pass it on.
      Don't know why they call it Hamburger Helper, stuff does just fine by itself........

      My long lost love.......1987 FZ700


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        Thanks for the positive review! Got your message while I was on vacation, hope your project works out.

        I'll vouch for KJM too, good guy!
        Current: '15 Tenere ES - 30k km, '07 FZ1 - 70k km
        Past : '06 FZ6 - 115k km, '06 KTM 625 SMC - 30k km, '06 V-Strom 650 - 80k km