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    Original Random Photo thread seems to have some issues displaying posts, so I started this second thread.
    Doug Smith
    Blue '01

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    Robber's Roost

    Looking down into the roost with California in the air...


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      Whew, that makes my lungs tighten up again.

      It's been clear here the last few days, finally, but the forecast has spotty smoke possible. It's supposed to be 89-90 today. In Wyoming. In September.
      Punishment is its own reward. IBA MEMBER 27716!


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        Wow! It kinda looks like those photos seen from the Mars Rover years ago.

        Any smokey smell associated with the haze?
        Doug Smith
        Blue '01


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          The soil is actually that red out there. It is a very cool place indeed, but you could die out there if not prepared. I could smell a faint smell of smoke in Utah, but it was nothing compared to the Sierra Nevada, Central Valley and South Bay area.


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            Doug Smith
            Blue '01


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              I needed that.

              Trying to keep things going. The smoke was bad Saturday morning, but we headed out to do our monthly bird walk at the local museum. (More on that later)

              Many of you have probably seen the massive die off of birds all over the west. Immediate reasons seem to be they are simply starving to death, based on post mortem research. Not so simply, the thinking is that between the fires and the big cold front we got, they maybe migrated early, different routes, or had to all drop to one place with not enough resources. Instinct tells them to keep going, until they literally drop out of the sky exhausted or dead.

              It's been pretty quiet here. We are starting to see a few more sparrows, almost no warblers or flycatchers. When there aren't many birds (I say that knowing we did find over 20 species), it's fun to "see" other things.

              The leaves are changing.

              I've probably stood next to this guy dozens of times and never noticed him.

              And one of our participants spotted this great hive. It's wonderful to see bees going rogue.

              I'm so proud of our group, because again everyone masked up. Whatever your thoughts on that, I know that one person in our group has a lung transplant that is always fighting back, and another has MS. Like Pat sad, it's great respect to want to protect others.

              American Dipper

              Not a great shot, fighting the smoke, but this Osprey has a fish! A few years ago there was an Osprey nest along the highway out here, and it got blown down. The museum put one up to replace it. A couple of years go by, no Osprey. So our Audubon pres gets them to work with a utility company to get a bucket truck out, gathers up some big branches and sticks, and they create a nest up there. Last year, there was a pair, no offspring. This year, a pair and one offspring! One was on the nest with a fish already, and this one came in with another, while the third was in a nearby tree. Successful hunting!

              Hard to see, it's very far off, but the other Osprey is pulling at a fish.

              After the walk, Mike and I looked at the smoke map and headed to Casper, and to one of my favorite places for shore birds. Got lucky and found a lovely American Golden Plover in non-breeding plumage.

              The wind was nuts. I had to sit down to take photos (to quote Berkley Breathed, "what's a damp tush between friends" because it was almost impossible to focus and keep the camera aimed at the subject. Even using poor Mike as a windbreak, we were both have to adjust our stance to keep from getting blown around. We headed over to Pathfinder Reservoir.

              Which was stunning but also super windy. Most everything was hunkered down. Stopped at a couple more spots, then on to Casper Mountain, at dusk, for Stellar's Jays. Found two, but at an occupied campground and didn't want to be too nosy, and it was getting too dim for a clear shot, darn it.

              Sunday it was out to the IBA east of Buffalo. I managed to log a 100th bird out there on my personal hotspot with eBird. You wouldn't believe the horrible photo I got to ID it, but we'll go with this nice Brown Thrasher instead. They love brush, and it's hard to get a shot of them without sticks in the way, but this one was checking out the Golden Eagle nest.

              The Great Horned Owls were in the shed. My goal is to always not flush them. The shed is very, very long, and the owl on the perch is always at the other end. I think it might be rather used to me poking my head in the open window. The other one though, maybe a 1st year, has now twice been perching at the window end. In the gloom, you don't see it until it moves. This time it decided to go share a post with the other owl, only it didn't fit. We ducked away and moved on.

              It was a good day for raptors too.

              Golden Eagle - Mike calls the white markings on the under wings chevrons, and it's a good indicator you are seeing a Golden, which often look very much like juvenile Balds.

              Young Red-tailed Hawk. At first we thought it was Ferruginous, but the belly band is all Red-tailed. Juvenile plumage is so tricky.

              Prairie Falcon with kill.

              Monday I got up early because I had an interview, though after the interview I'm not leaning to taking it, if they offered it. For once I'd like to pick a job instead of running from one to another. We'll see.

              I had about an hour before I was due at work, so I went to the local historic site to stomp around a bit.

              One thing Sheridan is known for is the street art. Some statues are always in the same place, and some are on loan, rotate, etc. This was a great statue of a GSD with its paw on a helmet, but that loan ended and it was replaced with this. The statue reminds me of my daughter, so I snapped a quick shot at the stop sign to send her.

              She's on her round three interview with Twitter next week. She has a job that pays an absurd amount of money already, is working on her masters, volunteers and speaks at conferences, but always inside is a kitten looking for the lion in the mirror to come out.

              Ticking away, the moments that make up a dull day.

              Won't be unhappy to see the back end of 2020. Don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.
              Punishment is its own reward. IBA MEMBER 27716!


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                So, I thought you might enjoy seeing what we do at the museum, and meet your trusty Wyoming tour guide face to face.

                Punishment is its own reward. IBA MEMBER 27716!


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                  Why are we here? Because we're here....Roll the bones


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                    great pictures!


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                      Doug Smith
                      Blue '01


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                        I'd like to know the story behind this tree I saw yesterday. Did one tree grow around another?

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                          Venus Tree Trap?


                          Possibly one tree, that lost a long section of bark in it's youth. The interior part looks like aged wood w/o bark. Don't know what those spaced horizontal lines indicate.
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                          Doug Smith
                          Blue '01


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                            Southern Utah

                            Off roading with the Henry mountains in the background.


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                              Originally posted by okaugust View Post
                              So, I thought you might enjoy seeing what we do at the museum, and meet your trusty Wyoming tour guide face to face.

                              Oh my gawd......oh my gawd!...........Mrs Toth, Mrs Toth...........Would you sign a picture for me? (AWESOME!!!!!!!) You a star!

                              I have indeed been able to center myself. I dont carry a camera yet but, do watch and listen. I borrowed (stole) my neighbors binoculars and am seeing more. (NOT the stealthiest coyote anymore) Purrty damn cool yo! (as the kids say)
                              Don't know why they call it Hamburger Helper, stuff does just fine by itself........

                              My long lost love.......1987 FZ700