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  • Look What I Found.....

    Laying in the bottom of my "Shift Shaft Housing"....


    I'm very fortunate that I was able to find the smaller of the two pieces laying hidden in a puddle of oil in the bottom of the shifter shaft housing and that it didn't work it's way down through the oil drain hole and into and through my engine.

    I'm needing some parts help here fella's...I called PartsFish/Pro Powersports and they didn't have the spring or gasket in stock and it would be 7-8 days delivery...I'd like to find somewhere that could get these two items to me a little quicker...

    Gasket Part# 5JJ-15463-00-00


    Tension Spring Part# 90506-14002-00

    Any help in finding a parts house that could expidite this for me would be much's 7-8 days without my baby.

    The thread concerning the symtoms and particulars of this event from the start can be read about by clicking on the following thread link...

    T.I.A. & L8R, Bill.
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    Your local friendly Yamaha dealer can get it for you overnight, it'll cost, but you can have him special order it and specify overnight, 2nd day air, 3 day etc. Order it normal and it should only take 3-5 days.


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      Congratulations on finding that. I appreciate your thoroughness. As I said before, as a former mechanic and born-again bike owner, I'm filing these things away for when the time will surely come.
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        No sh*t. Lookee there. Good catch Bill. I may just have to take a look at mine. Dang!

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          I must have missed it. What was the problem you had that made you look?


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            The thread concerning the symtoms and particulars of this event from the start can be read about by clicking on the following thread link...

            2003 ZX-6R 636


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              Originally posted by drfz1
              I must have missed it. What was the problem you had that made you look?
              In short, a clicking sound from the tranny when you blip the throttle in 1st gear with the clutch disengaged.

              Put bike on center stand.
              Start up.
              Pull in clutch.
              Shift into First.
              Release clutch at idle.
              (Wheel will turn.)
              Pull in clutch.
              (Wheel should stop.)
              Blip throttle.

              If the wheel moves suddenly when you blip the throttle, you have the broken spring problem.

              Personally, I don't know exactly what this would lead to. Probably premature wear of trans parts, plus having a bit of broken wire loose in your crankcase would be bad as well.
              I am fully prepared to be corrected if wrong.

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                I'll check for ya at work tomorrow Fuz1on...if we don't have it in stock i'll see how long itll take for us to get it. If it's stocked at the Kennesaw warehouse would only take a day for us to get it and ship it out to ya.

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                  Thanks for the info Bill. I hope this fixes what was causing the trannie problem for you, be sure to let us know when you have her buttoned back up.

                  I'm left to wonder if this will potentially become a recall issue from using an easily fatigued spring quality? I also wonder if this contributes to the occaisional false neutral I experience between 5th & 6th? Looks like I'll be checking under the cover.

                  **** happens, you have to deal with it as best as you can on your own terms.


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                    I had noticed same symptom on my bike.
                    Great detective work there Bill. Thanks !
                    Gonna have to check this out.

                    p.s. can ya show us where that springy is supposed to go ?


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                      If this were broken, it would make the bike lurch slightly when you put it in first, wouldn't it? . . . yeah, I was afraid of that. Time to call the dealership for parts.

                      How hard is it to get to that area? Remove shifter, sprocket cover, then shift shaft housing cover?

                      Psst! Moderators! Should this be sticky for a bit just to alert everyone to a possble problem with the bike?
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                        Don't have either part...however they are stocked from yamaha (west,middle,east) of the country. Shouldnt be hard getting that one.

                        Spring tensioner only stocked in the middle of the country. I'd call a place in Wisconsin or somewhere around there for speediest delivery.

                        Hope this helps...

                        '04 Black ZX10R


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                          Think that was the cause of you shifting problems, Bill?


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                            OK so checking my bike out on the way in to work this AM.
                            The symptom(slight clacking with clutch in when blipping the throttle in 1st) only seems to happen when I'm rolling forward at maybe 10-15 mph. Doesn't seem to do it at a standstill. But the bike does lurch when you put it in gear from neutral(I thought the hard shift to 1st was just characteristic of the bike).

                            Is this similar to your symptoms Bill? Anyone else?

                            Maybe I should just go get the gasket and spring so when I take it apart...and it sounds pretty likely to be a broken spring, I'll not be sidelined for too long.


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                              I too thought the hard shift was just an odd point of the bike. Mine has done it for close to a year.

                              The parts are on order. If I do need them, I got 'em. If not, I got 'em just in case.

                              Anyone else, please let us know if this causes the weird lurch/hard shift into first.
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