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    No question: Go with Eddie (Dirt Road) when he is back online. He is a great guy and does a wonderful job on the seats. Great choice for me.

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    2003 Blue FZ1 - Ivan's MB Jet kit, Akrapovic, GOEC w/remote and GPS, 07 R1 fork conversion w/6 pot brakes, R1 master cylinder, R1 rear wheel w/R6 caliper, Penske shock, Dirt Road seat, AIS removed, HID and LED lights, full Givi luggage, Galfer lines, chain oiler, Rizoma bar, cat-eye turn signals above headlights, grip heaters, factory lower fairings, air box mod w/high flow filter, Cometic thin head gasket, FazerPhil large gas tank mod.


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      Ha thanks. I'm dying to try his seat. I've done several 100+ mile days now and that stock seat has got to go!


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        I also ride in padded bicycle shorts. They help a bunch!
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          Yup. Get some good compression shorts.
          I put 20,000+ satisfactory miles on the Yammy gel. Many many 400+ mile days. Some 600-700 mile days. You'll find them here for $100-$150.
          Then I got the dirt road seat. Very nice, comfortable upgrade.


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            Where's Eddie?
            Ken in Maryland
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              Originally posted by t84a View Post
              Where's Eddie?
              Currently recovering from a quadruple bypass...

              Doesn't the man know there are FZ1 asses in need of a posterior bypass too?!?!

              Think of the (Fizzy) children!


              EDIT - Quad, you're a few hours away from me. If you're ever down in SW CT before you call Eddie, let me know and I'll let you ride my bike with the Dirt Road seat. It's a friggin' revelation!
              My Penis!!!


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                Thanks for the offer! I don't make it down that far too often, but I'll let you know if that changes.


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                  I commute 67 miles one way to work. With the stock seat , my butt would be on fire by the time I arrived. With the Yamaha comfort seat, no burn. That said, I'd still like to try a dirt road seat.
                  Life is good !


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                    I've had almost every seat (except for Top Saddlerie?) on both my Gen I and Gen II..

                    Keep in mind, I was around 245lbs when I tried these.

                    Stock - placeholder for a real seat.
                    Yamaha gel - softer, but too thin for anyone over 200lbs.
                    Sargent - also soft, very comfortable, but not a lot of support for "big guys"
                    Corbin - VERY firm at first, but surprisingly comfortable after an all-day ride.
                    Eddie/Dirt Road - Similar to Sargent but thicker. I've had one on my Gen II for a while now and at first didn't think I'd like it as much as Corbin, but not sure now. Radically different, but very comfortable. Don't know which way I'll go.
                    Russell Day-long - (only on my Gen I) - the ultimate barko-lounger. Not good for shifting around in the twisties, but freaking awesome for all-day rides. Firm, but squishy. WIDE. Like "WIDE LOAD" wide. Love it. If you're doing more cruising than twisting, there's no better. If you need to slide around on US129, it's too bulky and restrictive.
                    '01 FZ1 set up for distance
                    '07 FZ1 set up for fun
                    (both in the *faster* blue)

                    Which would you prefer?


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                      Originally posted by rdcusmc View Post
                      No question: Go with Eddie (Dirt Road) when he is back online. He is a great guy and does a wonderful job on the seats. Great choice for me.