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  • back. Advice Needed... keep the FZ1?

    Hello all -- just looking for some general advice.

    (To preface -- I've been riding bikes since I was 10 -- 40+ years, so I'm not a noob)
    A few years ago, I bought a pristine 2014 FZ1 with less than 1000 miles on it. And of course, right after I bought it, life got very busy, and then the whole COVID debacle started.

    Fast forward through all that, and a couple years of not riding at all (!) -- I just uncovered her again, and am wondering about which path to take. Where before I needed a larger bike that could do 2-up riding, I now will be riding mostly solo (no, not divorced just different circumstances).

    As I got to thinking about that, it occurred to me that I could very well be just as happy on a smaller, lighter "standard" 500-600cc bike instead of a 1000cc 'sporty' bike. I do like a bike with a sit-straight-up/feet-right-underneath-me riding position (rather like a BMW GS, Bonneville, or some such), so it's not like I want a cruiser... just a 'standard' bike to motor around upon for 1-2 hour rides a few times a week in the suburbs and countryside -- no full-throttle blasts or peg scraping in my rides.

    To that end, I was thinking I could try installing some peg lowering kits, and also perhaps buy longer cables and put on taller bars -- all to make the FZ1 more "standard" and get me as upright as possible. But then I got to wondering if I'd be better off just selling and buying a smaller standard bike instead of modding the FZ1. Not even sure what an extremely low-mile 2014 FZ1 goes for these days, so I don't even know what kind of budget I'd be looking at if I did trade.

    Anyway -- I know a lot of the people here are long time riders too, and might have some thoughts or advice?


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    I have a gen 1 but would start by loosening the bar clamps and see how much extra slack is available in the cables. Then I would decide if it was feasible to get different bars that would achieve the desired riding position without replacing cables etc.
    If not, then I would sell it and look for a bike that suits your preferred riding position. Converting riding peg position and cables/wires could just end up being a waste of time and money if the end result falls short. Good luck.

    PS - It may sound bass ackwards but If you aren't riding aggressively I think going down in size is a mistake because I think you'll miss the engine torque at lower rpm's. Also if you set up the suspension a little softer/plusher side on a heavier bike it will ride nicer and increase your time in the saddle before you start to get uncomfortable. Air Hawk seat cushions (about $75) are very effective too if they are not overinflated. You should just barely feel the mc seat through the Air Hawk cushion.
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      With how inflated the market is, I'd hold onto that FZ.


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        I've got taller bars on mine, didn't require any changes to the cables.
        Chuck P
        2003 FZ1
        2007 FJR1300A


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          Thanks for the replies.

          I'm working on taller bars. Following the techniques employed by those I saw on a YouTube video, I've managed to free up some length for all stock cables/wires EXCEPT the brake hose -- which is good because that is the easiest to fix. I'm installing a set of bars with a 2.5" rise (instead of the flat stockers) and will also install a set of those clamps that moves the bars up 0.75" and back 1".

          I'm spending less than $100 for all that, I can see where that lands me. If I end up selling it anyway, it's not like its a lot of money, nor is anything I'm trying irreversible.

          I already converted it to FZ1N spec, so I don't have to worry about higher bars striking the fairing/windscreen at full lock. I did the N conversion earlier, just because I like the look better, but now that I am raising the bars, it works out, as I think high bars with the FZ1S's low little faring looks odd.