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  • Amazon's Wheel of Time...

    Quite possibly the biggest let down of 2021. My brother says it should be called Wheel of Crime. It is so far off from the books that to say it's based on the books by the late great Robert Jordan is heresy at best.

    Siskel and Ebert would give 4 thumbs down.

    Boo. Just boooooo.
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    I couldn't get past the opening scene with it's feminazi bullshit right off the bat. Though I never watch ANY type of show these days just because all the idiocy. Only watch movies and those have gone downhill immensely. What a craptastic world we live in...


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      That's okay, the books weren't worth reading either. I gave up around the fourth book. Even the "mature" characters were all behaving like teenage drama queens. It seemed like it might have been a good story, if it had been written for adults to read.

      Are Siskel and Ebert still around? :-)


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        Never heard of the books or the show. But my .02 is that if you have some books you love, never watch the tv show, movie, interpretive dance. Nobody cares that it isn't like the book (that most people watching never read)
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          Yeah, I've read the books several times. Only watched the 1st episode and about the only thing right is a basic generic following of the books, and the characters names. And the acting is atrocious.
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