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LED bulb ?

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  • LED bulb ?

    anyone tried any LED bulb instead of standard and if so anygood?

    how about these ?



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    I have led headlight bulbs in both of my gen.1 FZ1's. Much brighter, and hopefully cars can see the brighter lights, as I come into their field of vision.

    Dean Dinnetz


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      I upgraded to HID years ago, 6000k. Great lights, until one began to fail to fire initially. The only way to get it back was to cycle ignition off/on, which I would do at low speeds on the road at times. Sucked, plus all the extra wiring, ballast mounts, etc.

      It was a happy day when I switch to LED. Ripped out all the HID crap, with dedicated wiring all the way to the battery. Popped LED's into place. Done. Something off ebay EFlyguy recommended. Great lights, much better than stock, better than the HID, without being overly bright. Good pattern too. I think those were 5000k, so not much of that blue tint.
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