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DeWoody's Shop Gen 1 Motor Rebuild

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  • DeWoody's Shop Gen 1 Motor Rebuild

    This may be old information but I was surfing Youtube last night and found this very well put together engine rebuild of a 2004 Gen 1.

    The link is to a detailed video on Gen 1 valve adjustment but if you search there are 10 other clips about the rebuild. Great detailed video and calm well spoken dialog without loud stupid background music found so often on youtube.

    It looks like it was created in 2018 but I don't remember ever seeing mention of them. Excellent addition to Pat's pages.

    Covers everything from clutch to generator to oil/water pump to valves to well everything.

    If DeWoody's a member then thank you for your instructions.

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    That is great! Thanks for the link.
    -'03 FZ1- "Xena"- Custom Orange/Red paint- FuzzyOne mirror mod- SW Motech QR racks- Givi E460 top- E21 side cases- SS brake lines - Scorpion slip-on- Penske 8987 shock- Throttlemeisters- Sargent seat- R1 shift arm- Custom sprocket cover- Cheap ass battery- Extended passenger pegs - Gauge of Eternal Coolness - Valtermoto Rearsets - LED headlights- Carbon airbox covers- Fehling engine case guards (footrests!)- MRA Vario shield -


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      I went through all the segments. He takes all the guessing and trepidation out of tackling anything Gen 1 motor related. Sounds like this 04 Gen 1 had a transmission failure. Wish this had been part of the FZ1OA since 01.


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        Very good video on adjusting our gen.1 valves.

        Just some info here. Honda 954 engines use the same shims as our gen.1 engines. They come in .025 m.m. size shims, instead of our .05 m.m. sizes. So one can fine tune the adjustments on the our gen.1 valves.

        Dean Dinnetz