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Front peg removal help!

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  • Front peg removal help!

    I have some LSL aluminum pegs and would like to replace the stockers. Passenger pegs are a simple bolt on job (but beware the LSLs require a larger ball bearing to allow for fold up), but it appears the front pegs are riveted in. Has anyone had any experience removing them, and if so, what method worked for you?

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    No experience with rear sets on Gen 1s. It looks like a simi-tubular rivet that's peened over the washer. Pry it off and get another to replace it. Might have to remove the whole assy (three screws) from the bike to get it where the head of the rivet is against something solid when you pound the other end over. Yamaha sells the rivet and washer as replacements so certainly something that can be done at home with simple cave man tools.

    Semi-tubular rivets are hollow for a short distance on one end. Stainless screw with lock nuts would do it as well, but might not look as clean.


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      Yup, you just drill them at the peened end until the rolled area comes off. When I went to the buell pegs I just used a regular bolt/nyloc nut.
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