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    Could someone with and official Yamaha Shop Service Manual list the components they say should be removed to gain access for spark plug removal? I have already read through Patís FZ1 site on changing spark plugs, but I would like to know what the official Factory Yamaha Service Manual says.

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      why not use the yamaha oil filter?


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        Because the Purolator is better..
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        Which would you prefer?


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          MMmm This lists walmart oil filter as a ST7317. (Super Tech right?)

          However... someone listed a different number for Fram. I thought they both used the exact same number system? So is one of them wrong? Or are they interchangeable?
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            Originally posted by Mzachary View Post
            MMmm This lists walmart oil filter as a ST7317. (Super Tech right?)

            However... someone listed a different number for Fram. I thought they both used the exact same number system? So is one of them wrong? Or are they interchangeable?
            Yes, Super Tech is Walmart. Yes, for a gen1 ST7317 is correct and Fram uses the same number for a similar filter. Where you probably saw a different number is because there are long and short filters from several manufacturers that will work. And, in the case of Fram, there's a "motorcycle specific" filter that has a different number.

            So SuperTech 7317 is longer. SuperTech 6607 will work but is shorter. Fram makes a 7317 like the ST 7317 but also makes a motorcycle filter 6017A.

            The filters in blue text in section 5 are what you want:

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              I don't know if this will work, but I hope so. I attached a program I keep on my desktop and use daily to convert anything metric to anything standard. It's very useful, but I don't even remember where I got it. If you try to download it, let me know if it works for you.
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                A friend gave me this info. It's part of a larger data sheet from the web. I copied it but did not save the website as a shortcut. If anyone wants to know what fits other makes and models PM me. If I can locate the original source again I'll post it.

                Found it!

                These are the recommended filters for FZ1.
                All have superior filtering.

                About 2.5 inches long:

                Purolator Pure One PL14612, about $6.
                Mobil M1-108, about $12.
                Bosch 3300, about $6.

                About 3.25 inches long:

                Purolator Pure One PL14610, about $6.
                Mobil 1 M1-110, about $10.
                Bosch 3323, about $6.
                WalMart SuperTech ST7317, about $2.
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                  Yamaha fuel filter part # = 1FK-24560-10-00

                  Anyone know what the specs are of it to get it else where? The hose in/out are 1/4" yes?
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                    Another helpful piece of info is the coolant capacity, which according to the service manual is 2.4L or 2.53 US QT. ;)


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                      Spark Plug Removal Wrench -GREAT

                      For spark plug removal I found the pictured (hopefully attached) Craftsman 14mm wrench that enabled removal without even lifting the tank. I used it with the spark plug socket from the FZ1 tool kit.
                      Features of the wrench include:
                      - Closed end has ratchet with small ratcheting movement
                      - You can [/B]set and lock [/B]the angle of the closed end
                      - Or you can let the closed end "float" so as you move the wrench handle, the angle of the closed end changes, enabling you to turn the socket. (A mini-lever)
                      - Either locked or floating, the closed end swivels about 270 degrees. (Photos show swivel to left only.. you have the same distance/angle to the right.)
                      - Fixed end is also 14mm

                      I think you can buy the wrench individually, but I got mine as part of a $52 (if I recall) set from Sears.

                      This makes plug removal (even for my very first time ever on a 4-cylinder) a breeze.
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                        K&N pod filter: RU2920 for individual filters and RU2922 for two filters


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                          Oil Filter

                          Originally posted by AndyW View Post
                          Because the Purolator is better..

                          Purolator Fuel Filter: F10024
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                            Originally posted by gkeane View Post

                            Purolator Fuel Filter: F10024
                            That Purolator fits stock fuel filter assembly?

                            Thanks- Clay


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                              I end up having to look up this page every time I go to the store, because I always forget my oil filter numbers.