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Smoky exhaust after coolant vent tube o’rings replacement

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  • Smoky exhaust after coolant vent tube o’rings replacement

    Hi all, I have an 06 with 36,000 kms I bought 3 months ago.
    There was an oily sludge under the oil pan so after some research I replaced the 2 o’rings on the coolant vent tube. When reinstalling it I pushed the vent tube with new o’rings into bottom of motor then guided the oil pan up into it and tightened the bolts. A straight forward job and no issues along the way.
    After letting the RTV cure overnight I put some fresh oil (same as previous) and when idling and blipping the throttle I’ve now go a smoky exhaust!! The is some residual oil on the exhaust under the engine which I’ll let burn off when I ride it but the smoke was exiting the silencer along with the exhaust gases.
    Did I not align the vent tube properly? would that cause a smoky exhaust? I’m at a loss !!

    And help would be appreciated as I can’t ride the bike until I get this issue resolved. Thanks for reading.

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    BTW it takes 30 seconds for the smoke to appear


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      Turns out after leaving the removed exhaust under the bike overnight some oil had dripped on it and inside the flat steel plates on top and bottom. Still is odd how smoke was coming out from a spotless silencer. Must be a hole or vent somewhere creating a venturi effect sucking in the burning oil. After a 20 min ride oil now burnt off.


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        Glad to hear that is sorted - I was having a difficult time figuring out how changing those orings would have anything to do with your exhaust.
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