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    gen 1 front fork modification with race tech

    I have a 03 fz1 in 2010 I hit a calf in Nevada and totaled my front end.before that I had changed the front fork using the ravens suggested modification in this forum. When i got some $ from progressive for the accident I restored the front end and thought it was fine but now I see that one of the fork seals is leaking so i have just ordered the race tech valve, springs,seals ,bushings and oil and will tackle this myself . i guess I figure i've been into the forks before and I can handle this plus i will have some help. I'm looking through this site again looking for some input. Thanks


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      [QUOTE=upinsmoke;1189006]Front preload- 4 lines showing
      Rebound-6 clicks out, counting the first one
      Compression- 8 clicks out, counting the first one
      Rear preload- 3 notches
      Rebound-5 clicks out, counting the first one

      The excessive brake dive and rear bouncing has been improved greatly.

      Geared up 208 lbs[/QUO

      Cheers for posting these up,put them into my Fz1 this morn and noticed a serious improvement..cheers..


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        Geared up weight is around 210. Moderately aggressive mountain canyon riding and freeway slab to get there.

        Settings below are with my "fork oil mod" which has 5 weight Maxima in the compression side and 10 weight Maxima in the rebound side. I find going fairly tight on the compression and loose on the rebound settings with the heavier than stock oil in the rebound side really works. The fork is not harsh or spiky on compression with the Maxima oil, which I suspect is a little thinner (or better, who knows) than the stock oil. The 5 weight /10 weight setup is worth trying if you intend to change your fork oil for maintenance purposes.

        Front preload- 4 lines showing (4th is barely visible, near flush with the adjuster).
        Rebound-15 clicks out from full tight (Maxima 10 weight fork oil)
        Compression- 5 clicks out from full tight, (Maxima 5 weight oil)

        Forks set with only the caps showing above the top triple clamp.

        Penske shock with 600 pound spring, with ride height set a bit longer than stock. This really makes it steer nice, but the forks need to be fully extended in the clamps and rear sag set a bit on the loose side. Too much preload (not enough sag) and it can feel a tad darty. It is way cool to be able to set the rear ride height and sag independently!

        Rear loaded (race) sag - 1.25 inches.

        Another note - The stock Dunlop D221s are terribly harsh riding tires, even the more softly sprung Penske on my bike could not make them feel good. I suspect any year FZ1 that is currently wearing D221s would feel a helluva lot better with different tires
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          thanks for posting your settings, I just rode 400 miles today and bike felt so mush better, however I changed the rebound to 8 clicks instead of 6, everything else the same, by the way I had factory settings before


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            I tried some of these settings and my nice plush ride turned into a pretty harsh one. Geared up I probably weigh 230 and I set the front forks to 3 bands showing and the rear preload on the second notch from the hardest. On the front forks I did rebound 6 out and compression 8 clicks out. The rear rebound I did at 5 clicks out.

            I think I'm going to try 4 bands showing on the front and maybe the 5th position on the tear preload. Then front rebound 8 out and the compression 11 out and see how that goes. The settings I had above would probably be really good for super smooth roads or a track but not for our crummy North Carolina roads.


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              Crummy North Carolina roads? Lol I haven’t been on all your roads, but the for the most part, your roads are a lot nicer than what’s generally in the Midwest!


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                Yeah nc roads are like glass compared to most. And at 230. You need different springs.
                Looking for another cheap gen2


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                  Originally posted by fermic37 View Post
                  And at 230. You need different springs.
                  Actually my ride became too harsh and stiff. I am going to soften it back up just based on the roads. If our roads were really smooth then this setup would be fine. Since the roads by me are very bumpy, I need to soften it back up.


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                    when you have springs that are for your weight you have better control. so it can be firm and controlled without being harsh and stiff.

                    Even at 190, my oem springs are almost pushed to the max once you start dialing in the sag and other adjustments.. and this is on far worse PA roads.
                    Looking for another cheap gen2