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Looking for rear cowl Gen1

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  • Looking for rear cowl Gen1

    Hey guys, is anyone selling a mint rear cowl? I'm looking at getting my bike/cowl painted, I'd love to start off with a fresh one instead of painting the scratched up one I have

    Thanks in advance

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    What color are you looking for? If yours is just scratched up, that is easy to repair/refinish. Broken pieces are another matter.

    I have been doing this nonsense for sixty years. Scratches are easy to repair, then refinish.

    Dean Dinnetz


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      Dean, are you still restoring fuel tanks? I have 2 first gen FZ1 parts bikes that I picked up for a great price but, unfortunately, they've been sitting since 2008 (according to tag that is on them) and the gas in the tanks turned to shellac and rusted the inside. Might you be able to save them? If so, what's the amount of cash needed for that? Conversely, if you're not in the biz of sealing the interior of tanks with bad gas damage, I have my son's original tank with a sizable dent on the left side that would need to be repaired and then the tank would need to be painted 2001 black color. How much do you need to make that worth your while?

      Tried to PM you but your inbox is full!

      Sorry for thread hijack.

      Ride Safe,

      Squidward Tentacles
      Work to ride - Ride to work


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        Yes, I am still restoring gas tanks. And I need to empty my PM box. I have no idea how to do that, but perhaps somebody here can help me.

        Anyway, give me a phone shout on 831 332-9458

        Do have a great day

        Dean Dinnetz