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    So ... got x plane demo to practice going through the various steps and procedures for IFR flying. My pc has a good cpu on the mother board, lots of RAM. Graphics card has 4 GB of ram. Wait - it’s not running right. Ah - my graphics card is using shared RAM - has 128 mg of real RAM. I got this x plane error message “Ha - you’ve got to be kidding”.

    Not a problem - I’ll get a graphics card. Oh - now I also need a 650 watt power supply. $100? Oh well. Graphics card in need is how much? $500? Blah!!!

    But wait - there’s more. Apparently there is a scarcity of graphics cards because people are using them to run programs for bit coin mining.

    I need to get to the Computer Store at 6:30 in the morning when the truck might show up next Thursday to stand in line to maybe get a voucher to come back when the store opens to buy this thing.

    I’m not even going to try and justify this cost.

    Anybody else run into this graphics card gold rush? Anyone mining bit coins with a basement server built from graphics cards?
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    Does your computer program tell you what minimum level of graphics card you need? The cards released this year are in extremely short supply for the reason (mining) you mentioned. Gamers have been frozen out by miners.

    The latest graphics cards probably won't show up on a truck in the morning. They get scoffed up by computer programs that sit and wait for the next available unit. Older cards might be available at store or on the Bay after people upgrade.

    Lots of info about GPU shortages on Toms Hardware


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      Even the old cards are gone - the shelves are empty I'm afraid.
      Not sure what I should put down for my signature.....