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Matching a Road 5 Front with a S22 Rear

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  • Matching a Road 5 Front with a S22 Rear

    Hey guys, long time no post as I don't own a FZ1 anymore. I am down to one FZ at this point which is my wife's FZ6.
    We are going on a trip out west to Denver in the next month or so. Of course, I want to bring a bike with me in the back of the pickup and it will be the FZ6. So here's my question:

    How would you feel about putting a S22 Rear(sport tire) when the front is a Road 5(sport touring tire). First things first, I don't care if my tires match in terms of brand or model.

    The goal is to explore around Denver and around grand canyon and all those areas, hit up the salt flats, and back to Denver. Currently the bike is rocking a Road 4 rear, but it's got a plug and I want to swap it out as I've got a S22 rear sitting in the house. The Road 5 up front has plenty of life left, and I don't have another front laying around. With the twisties I'll be doing and how aggressive I won't be riding, I don't think it'll be an issue going with this combo, but I figured I'd ask the group, because I realized we all need another tire thread in these pandemic times.
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    Biggest concern I’ve always heard with mismatched tires is rain dispersion performance since front and rear are sometimes made to work in conjunction and substantial differences in traction between front and rear during performance riding.

    It doesn’t sound like either is a big concern so I’d go with it. I ran a Dunlop qualifier front and some rock hard rear for a while on my first bike and never had an issue.


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      I've always done the reverse, ST tire on the rear, sporty up front, and that has worked well. I did it with different brands once, no issues.

      I'd say with new brand name rubber you will be good to go regardless. Enjoy the scenery out west!

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        I don't see a problem unless your going out and pushing the limits.
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          Thanks for the input, if the rear was the ST and front was sport, I wouldn't think twice. However, these are the tires I have in my possession. I think I'm going to run it anyways, sides of the road 5 should be pretty sticky from what I've heard from people on track. I think I'll be alright. And like loosenut said, I won't be pushing limits, mostly just exploring twisty mountain roads
          2012 BMW S1000RR Premium
          2011 Kawasaki Concours14
          2009 Yamaha FZ6


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            Wouldn't feel anything about it. They'll do what they are supposed to do.
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              Running a Michelin Power five front and a Pilot Road four on the rear of my 2001 FZ1. Been on a few rides with a very Quiet Rider, and I seem to be able at times, to keep up with him on various twisty roads.

              The 2002 FZ1 I have, I run a Continental Sport Attack on the front, and a Dunlop Roadsmart on the rear. About as mismatched a set of tires, one can run. The Continental was made in 2014, and Dunlop was made in 2015. So far, the tires are staying on the bike in one piece. And I can keep that Q.R. in sight, with these tires, also. lol!

              Dean Dinnetz